Miyerkules, Pebrero 18, 2015

Celebrity Home Break-Ins: What You Can Learn from Them

Over the years, many celebrities have been robbed of their treasured belongings despite their high tech security systems. Thanks to the paparazzi photographers who follow them all day long, thieves have a good idea of  how much expensive clothes they wear, what type of luxury cars they drive and the amount of sparkling jewelry they own.

Magazines and TV shows which feature celebrity homes also tempt thieves to trespass and rob the residences of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Hence, celebrity home robberies don’t happen by chance, they are premeditated.

Below is an infographic from Omega Corp showing the most famous of these burglaries.

Top 5 Celebrity Home Break-Ins and How Burglars Do What They Do

Celebrities lose huge sum of money or valuables because of these break-ins. They can easily replace their lost possessions. But, they will have a hard time regaining the lost peace of mind especially when the thieves remain on the loose.

Celebrity home intrusions show that anyone can fall victim to theft. Hence, it is best to observe the basic rules of home security apart from the installation of  a home security system.  Here are some things you can do to turn your home into a safer haven.

Avoid showing off – Do you leave branded possessions in front of your house? Keep them hidden in your garage. If your expensive appliances are within sight, move them around to get them out of burglars’ view.

Secure doors and windows – Always lock your doors and windows.  Change faulty locks. Secure weaker doors with rod stops.

Clear your yard
– Burglars can hide behind overgrown shrubs and trees. Cut them regularly. Install outdoor lights in your yard.

Ask for police assistance
– Let the police know if you’re going to leave your house specifically for a long time. Request them to check on your property every now and then.

Prepare for vacations
– Have a relative or friend to stay in your house while you’re away. Avoid making your house look empty with piled up mail boxes and overgrown lawns.

Linggo, Pebrero 1, 2015

Teaching kids the important things in life must be intentional on the part of fathers. This is because children nowadays are preoccupied with a lot things - school, sports and even church activities. Fathers must begin by creating a list of skills, values and life lessons that they ought to teach their sons. Then, they must designate the date and time for each teaching session.

Perhaps, you are a new dad who doesn't know what to teach his children. The following list can help you get started.

Read good books – Reading is essential leadership. Good books  make good leaders in families, companies and countries.

Be a gentleman – A gentle doesn't gossip; opens doors for others; offers seat to women; etc.

Money management – Teach your kids basic saving and investing and the virtue of generosity.

Use basic carpentry tools – Hammer, saw, screwdriver and wrench are vital for home repairs. 

Paint a room – Painting as indispensable skill especially among men. You'll never know when you'll need it.

Grow things – Growing plants and pets help build emotional stability in a person.

Keep promises – Verbal commitments must be kept. It shows the type of person you are.

Dress appropriately – Observing the proper dress code for every occasion is important. Show your kids the proper mixing and matching of clothes. 

Do the laundry – Real men know how to take care of their own clothes. Teach your kids how to wash clothes by hand and with the use of a washing machine. Teach them how to iron too.

Handle loss – It is not everyday that you stay on top of each game you play. Loss in sports, school, work and even relationships will be devastating if you don't know how to handle them.