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Be a Better Husband with These Tips

Responsibilities at home and at work can get the best out of us and mar the priorities we have set. And so, we often end up neglecting our duty to be the best husbands to our wives. This duty is quite difficult. A lot of energy, patience and time must be spent in order for us to improve ourselves and become the kind of husbands our wives can depend on.

Mature and act like an adult – Your wife already has kids to raise and care for. She doesn’t need another kid in the person of you to make her parenting life more difficult. She needs a co-parent who can make disciplining and rearing children a lot easier.  By being mature, you’re also setting a good example to your children specifically to your boys who are future husbands and fathers of their generation.

Love your wife unconditionally – Is your love for your wife dependent on the things she does for you? If yes, you don’t love her unconditionally. Love her for the woman she was, she is and she will be. Remind yourself of the decision you made some time ago to love her and to put her needs before your needs.

Protect your wife always – Apart from protecting your wife that can harm her physically, protect her from circumstances, people or words that can put them down emotionally and psychologically. Stand by her side all the time even it means defending her against your family members  or friends who might hold something negative against her.

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Five Timeless Tips on Being a Gentleman

You will be surprised that in this age, men and women alike still prefer gentlemen. By gentlemen, I don’t mean men who are dressed in a very old-fashioned way. I refer to men who have respect for themselves and the people they care about. Do you want to be labeled as a gentleman? If you do, follow these timeless tips starting today.

Exude maturity – Evaluate yourself and check how mature you are in the way you dress, speak and think. Adults tend to be immature these days because of the technological advancements around. Be cautious when posting pictures and statuses in your social media accounts. Aim for maturity too when dealing with unpleasant circumstances and people. Think first before you act or say anything.

Refrain from cursing or swearing – Even though today’s generation is considered morally loose, many people are still offended by foul words. Instead of cursing or swearing, practise learning new words that can help you become a better communicator.

Be conscious of your personal hygiene – A clean and well-groomed appearance is a mark of true gentlemen. A gentleman is appealing to look at and to be with. Take the extra time to look and smell good. Facial hairs may be an ‘in-thing‘ today but growing them is unnecessary for you to  look manly.

Be considerate of others – Do you open or hold the door for someone else? Do you find time to help oldies or women on the streets? Are you sensitive enough to return favours? Observing these practices can set you apart from the common men out there. Moreover, it will help build other people’s trust on you.

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Traits That Make a Good Dad

A good father can make a great impact on a child's life. Unfortunately, most dads don't strive to be one. They think that providing for all the needs of their little ones is more than enough. If you aim at being a good dad for your children's sake, here are the top traits which you must strive to achieve.

A good dad accepts that his children are not the same - Most dads compare their children in order to motivate them to behave well or perform better.  A good and wise dad understands that children are born different from each other. With that, he helps each of them to become better in accordance to their strengths.

A good father is a disciplinarian - A good dad disciplines his children to become well-behaved and productive people. He strongly disapproves misdeeds and takes the effort and time to raise his children the proper way.

A good father is open-minded - A good dad understands that things and standards change through time. He understands that the way he was raised may no longer be applicable today. Thus, he talks to his children and looks for the best way to raise them.

A good father spends quality time with his children -  A good dad knows that his presence is important to his children more than anything else. He manages his responsibilities at work and at home well so that he can spend at least a couple of hours each day with his children.

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Top 3 Accessories Every Dad Must Have

Dads often think that accessories are just for women. The truth is accessories are also best worn by men. There are a lot of male accessories that are available in department stores.  You might even find most of them unnecessary in looking presentable if not fashionable. Don’t let thought stop you for having or sporting male accessories. Here are three accessories which every dad must own.

Watch – If you’re not into wearing jewelry, a watch is the safest accessory for you to wear. A watch is a practical choice that can make you look stylish in any outfit. It is best to have at least two watches – one that is formal looking and another one that is casual looking. If you’ve got extra budget, you can also buy a sports watch. Needless to say, purchase a watch manufactured by reliable companies to ensure that it will last for years.

Necklace – A necklace is easy to wear. A necklace with a common style can suit every get up you sport.  Have you heard of dog tags? These are necklaces that can be worn on a daily basis. They come in gold or sterling.  Medallions are great alternatives for dog tags. They come in different sizes and texture as well. Choose a style that you’re comfortable to wear. 

Cufflinks – These are best worn with jackets or suits. You may want to wear silver cufflinks with your casual jackets and gold cufflinks with your formal suits. Cufflinks will make you look flashy in any occasion. 

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Plastic Surgery And Its Recent Innovations

Plastic surgery is an art form. It creates beauty in every patient through the use of specialised tools and the surgeon’s artistic skills. It has become refined over the years with the help of technology. 

Technology is helping cosmetic surgeons today in so many ways – from planning facial or body reconstruction to carrying out the main procedures. For one, 3D software programs allow surgeons to show their patients how they will look like after a procedure. This is very useful in cases of rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. 

The invention of lasers silenced the apprehensions of plump patients who fear ‘going under the knife’ to achieve a slimmer body. Lasers changed the way liposuction is done by ending the intrusive method of scraping off unwanted fats in the patients’ bodies. Additionally, lasers equipped dermatologists with a painless and effective means to lighten scars, cure skin problems and remove unwanted hair growths and tattoos. 

Injection of fillers and implants and manipulation of sterile thread have improved the face lift procedure. Facelift patients need not endure severe pain and the shame of turning black and blue after a procedure. More so, they need not wait for long periods of time in order to see the results they want. In an hour or two, they can look years younger with these non-invasive facelift procedures. 

If you’re considering modern procedures for enhancing your look, take a second glance at what plastic surgery can offer you today. Choose a surgeon with excellent skills and reputation. Inquire about the innovations he plans to utilize to best meet your needs. Ask him to discuss results and risks that come with the procedure. Carefully weigh your considerations before signing up for any procedure. 

Check out the slides below if you want more information about the latest innovations in the field of plastic surgery.