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Fashion Tips for Different Kinds of Photo Shoots

Having a photo shoot for any purpose requires your utmost preparation. It's just like preparing for an important occasion in your  life. Here are some guidelines that can help you get started with it.

Mug shots are usually taken for government licenses, passports and other important documents. Photos for these purposes are rather small and just usually show your face, neck and half of your shoulders. There are only three pieces of clothing for you to mind here – dress shirt, necktie and suit jacket. Ensure that they come in the right color combination. Choose a solid color for the dress shirt and the suit jacket. Select a lighter shade for the former and a darker one for the latter. The necktie can either be in solid color or patterned hues.

Casual family portraits usually have the outdoors for a venue. In here, you can wear a signature polo shirt and a pair of dress pants. Perhaps, you do not like the modern cut of dress pants. You can wear skin tone khakis and striped or printed dress shirts. This get up can make you look smarter but not too formal. For a formal family portrait, a tailored suit and dress shoes is the expected attire of males. However, males who are not comfortable with suit jackets can still look formal with their favorite sweater on top of a dress shirt in solid color.

If there is a family portrait, there is definitely a company portrait. What men should wear for this must be aimed at making a man’s professional character to be evident in the photo. A tailored suit in black or charcoal gray with a white dress shirt under would definitely do the trick. If you want variation for your inner wear, you can choose among light colors like baby blue, pink or yellow. Have you ever seen pinstriped suits? They can be worn too – preferably by those aged 50 and above.

How you look like in a picture can dictate the level of respect others ought to give you. More often than not, people make assumptions about a person’s character and background based on how he dresses up. Photos are one of the few things that can capture just that. This should not be a big problem if you know the guidelines on what men should wear for different purposes and events.

Miyerkules, Agosto 12, 2015

Men's Formal Wear: Know Its Details

Are you attending an event that calls for a formal wear? Before buying or renting one, make sure that you first now the clothing items that it includes. Read the rest of this post if you're keen to know about them.

Black Evening Jacket – This is also called the black suit jacket. The most common style for this is single-breasted with peaked lapels pointing upwards. The part of the lapel that is visible should be made of a different cloth. It should something silkier and shinier than the rest of the jacket. You can choose a jacket with shawl collar but it does not highlight the shoulders of the wearer – the fact that gives him a manlier aura.

Black Men’s Trousers – Dinner jacket trousers is another name for this. Just like the jacket, these pants come with a shiny part that is called the piping. The piping is found at the sides. It can be made of silk, grosgrain or satin. Perhaps, you used silk for the lapels. Then, use silk for the piping too. It is important that the lapel and the piping match.

Black Low Waistcoat – This also known as cummerbund. The purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the waistband of the pants and give the wearer a slimmer body. Suspenders may be worn under the cummerbund but not a belt.

White Dress Shirt – Yes, the dress shirt for a tuxedo must be exclusively white with small black buttons. The material should be pique cotton. It must have a pleated front and a turn down collar. To achieve a sharp look with the collars and cuffs, they must be starched.

Black Bow Tie – You can choose between two types of bow ties – the butterfly and the bat-wing. If you do not know how to tie a bow-tie properly, feel free to buy a clip-around bow tie.

Black Oxford Shoes – Men’s formal wear would be incomplete with out an appropriate pair of black oxford shoes. Ensure that they are well-polished. The laces must be silk to match the lapels and the piping.

Miyerkules, Agosto 5, 2015

Keep Your Dress Pants in Mint Condition with These Tips

Dress pants are bound to severe damage when they are cleaned improperly. There are washing and ironing techniques which you must take note in order to keep your pants in mint condition for a long time.

Before wetting your slacks, know the fabric they are made of. Information about that and the caring techniques which go with it may be read in the inside tag attached to these pants. Often times, dry cleaning is recommended as rinsing with water affects the quality of the fabric. Fabrics like silk, cashmere and combination of wool and polyester fall under this category.

Although men’s dress pants made of 100% cotton can be washed with water, they are most likely to shrink with the use of warm water. Dry cleaning is also the best option for slacks made of pure cotton. You can also have your pants machine washed as long as you use cold water and a gentle detergent. This will protect from shrinking and acquiring unwanted texture. Segregate your pants according to their respective colors before soaking them in the washing machine. Turn the knob to gentle cycle. Carefully crumple your slacks to remove excess water after rinsing them.

Now, let us learn which kinds of fabric are recommended to be washed by hands. Wool dress pants generally require hand wash. Wool is a delicate fabric. Because of that, it is expensive. Prepare a washing concoction for your wool slacks using a basin of cool water mixed with a tablespoon of mild liquid detergent. When it is ready, soak your slacks for five minutes at the least. Rub them gently afterwards to removed the dirt. Rinse them thoroughly to eliminate presence of soap suds. Use cold water for rinsing. To drain all the water they have absorbed, wrap them in a clean towel and gently press them to excrete water. Crumpling, pulling or tugging them will cause the fabric to loosen.

Cotton and linen slacks must be hung for air dry. Cashmere and wool slacks must be laid on the floor after they have been taken out of the dryer. Before laying them on the floor, turn the slacks inside out to avoid the front part from getting soiled in any case. Silk, polyester and rayon slacks are best dried either way.

Slacks may be ironed. Cotton and silk slacks must be pressed using a steam iron. Lay them flat on a full-sized ironing board so that you can press all of its parts easily. With the use of a sprinkler, you can moisten wrinkled areas before you iron them.

On the contrary, men’s dress pants made of silk must not be sprinkled with water. The heat of the iron and the moist from water can create spots on the fabric. From the waistband, start ironing the front part followed by the back part.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 29, 2015

The Why and How of Power Dressing for Men

Regardless of your status in life, power dressing is one practice you must not overlook. Your outward appearance is often the basis of how other people estimate your capabilities, educational and social backgrounds and character.

Let us first have an understanding of how it changes the way you see yourself. Yes, this practice can affect your feelings and self-image. Do you want to signal authority? Choose a tailored suit that will build up authority in you with just a glance. Look at females around you. When they want to feel happy and comfortable about themselves, they put on make-up, a scent and a lovely dress.

If you are keen to observe, executives are in professional clothes wherever their work or extra curricular activities take them. If not in suits and slacks, they manage to look good in polo shirts and dress pants. These are for the sake of the image they protect and care for. Is it plain vanity? It is more than that. It is disciplining their own selves to be mindful that everything they do must be up a certain standard.

Have you ever heard of someone who is not taken seriously because of the way he dresses up? This is very possible. Looking good is sometimes crucial to getting the opportunities you want – a position in the company, business deals and the like. Do you have a job interview at hand? Power dressing might be all you need to pass; nonetheless, you must prepare mentally for it of course.

Keep in mind though that the type of clothes others wear to look presentable may not work in the same manner with you. You must choose pieces that complement your physical attributes and not those of others. Color, cut and print are the standards to be considered here. Never choose fabric colors that will make you look dark or pale. Choose colors that can bring life to your personality as it blends well with your eye and hair colors. As for the cut and size, select clothes that define the shape of your body. Fitting in the wrong size can get you negative impressions. As much as possible, there must be no prints on your tops especially in the case of formal gatherings.

Power dressing can be very laborious especially to the inexperienced. But if you will think of it, all the efforts it entails come with equivalent rewards. You can gain for yourself other people’s respect and favor. You can break down walls of insecurities which have long been covering your strapping personality and skills. In connection to all these, do not forget to be well-groomed always. A dirty man gains no attention even in branded clothes no matter what.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 22, 2015

Clothing Tips for New Dads with New Jobs

Did you get yourself a new job? Apart from brushing up your job skills, you must also prepare to look good for your new job. Read the following insights if you're not sure about what work clothes to wear in your new workplace.

How to Dress Up for Working Days

On your first day in the office, come in a well-pressed dress shirt in light solid color and dark colored dress pants. Try to observe what your office-mates wear. As you learn the culture or the dress code in your office, you can aim to dress like them or dress a notch higher than their style but never dress better than your boss. With consideration to your salary, invest on classic pieces which you can mix and match. Rooting for a couple of men’s accessories is also good thing to start with. Offices usually allow dress down clothes on Fridays. Here you can wear a classic polo shirt paired with slightly fit dress pants made of cotton.

How to Dress Up for a Job Promotion

Are you getting interviewed for an opportunity to be promoted? Just like how you prepared for your job interview, you must aim at looking smart and elegant. Perhaps, wearing a suit is inappropriate for this situation. You can sport less casual dress pants and a dress shirt or polo shirt under a black or dark brown jacket. You can do away with the dress shoes and use suede ones instead.

How to Dress Up for Other Events at Work

If ever there are upcoming events in your office, try your best to think ahead. Think about the required and how exactly you want to look like. When you are building your wardrobe, stay away from buying trendy clothes. Stick to classic designs which you can use over and over for different occasions and easily and perfectly pair with other pieces. Moreover, they must be comfortable enough to allow you to work with ease. Here is a rule of thumb when buying work clothes for men. Select pieces that fit you at the moment and not after you shed some pounds. If you doubt whether the clothes you have picked, ask the opinion of the sales agents you see in the store. For your shoes, have a couple of them – a pair of dress shoes and a pair for dress down Friday.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 15, 2015

Five Ways to Communicate Effectively

I personally believe that communicating effectively is fashionable. It's quite difficult to achieve specially when you lack the confidence. Do you share the same dilemma? Here are some techniques for you to observe in order to speak confidently.

Practice the art of listening - Listen twice as much as you speak.  Listen to what other people have to say so that you understand where they’re coming from. By listening, you can be sure of what you're going to say. Hence, your opinions and suggestions will matter.

Ask questions - If something is unclear to you, shoot a question. Asking a question is not just showing inquisitiveness. It gives the impression that you're interested in the person speaking and his words. This enables you build a rapport which is important in effective communication.

Think before you speak. This will keep you from getting into a situation where you wish you didn't say words that can offend your listeners. Hurtful words can push people to turn deaf ears towards you.

Read, read, read. Each one of us has his own expertise. You cannot be an expert on everything but you can be knowledgeable about anything. How? By reading. Yes, read instead of watching TV or playing video games.

Practice, practice, practice. Do you get startled when talking to a lot of people? Don't fret because you're not the only one who feels that way.  If you have an upcoming speaking engagement, be ready with your topic a month ahead and devote your time to practice. Practice speaking infront of your loved ones and ask for some feedback for improvement.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 8, 2015

A Few Thoughts on Foldable Bikes and Looking Good When Biking to Work

Do you bike to work? Is your standard bike providing all the functions you need? Most men who bike to work are now switching from a standard bike to a lightweight folding bike. This is because of the many benefits the latter provides. Read the following points if you want to consider buying another or a better workhorse.

1) Most foldable bikes are lightweight. They can be carried around very easily with maximum comfort. You don't have to worry about aching backs, arms and legs when you need to carry it in certain circumstances.

2. Fordable bikes are versatile. Since they are foldable, they can be parked or kept in a smaller space. You can take it anywhere - in the mall, in the train, under your office desk or inside your locker - once it is folded.

3. Foldable bikes are usually made from sturdy materials. Their features are also designed to surpass daily wear and tear. Of course, you will need to pay more if you want a bike that will last longer under all kinds of weather.

Biking to work will definitely make you look sweaty and not-so-presentable when you reach your office. Here are some tips that will make you fresh-looking before meeting your boss and co-workers.

Pace yourself: More speed means more sweat. Resist the temptation of biking fast on long commutes.

Bring your work clothes: Don't wear your suit when biking; instead, carry it in your bag.

Having grooming tools ready in your office locker: Have a comb and deodorant. These will help you deal with helmet hair and your body odor.