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Five Top Ways to Improve Your Appearance Instantly

Has it been years since your last date?  If yes, you might want to consider improving your appearance today. Appearance is not only about being in good shape and having a great personality, it also includes the way you present yourself in public. If you're able to carry yourself well in front of others, you can make every woman fall for you even though you’re not as handsome as many male celebrities in Hollywood. So, how do you do that? Read the following tips.

1) Manage hair loss. Baldness can strike any time because of your genetics, stress or other factors. It is better to keep the hair you have than to grow back what you’ve already lost. Try products that can stop further hair loss. Get a haircut that can disguise your bald patches.

2) Trim body hair. You can use clippers to trim your man-fur. Cut your hair short on your upper arms, stomach and sides. Leave your chest hair longer than the rest. This will create an image of a bigger chest and slimmer torso. Don't forget any hair growing out of your ears and nose either.

3) Correct your posture. Proper posture can make you look taller. It also creates the impression that you’re confident. Men with a handsome face can easily look sloppy and unattractive if they slouch and pull their chins down toward their chest.

4) Brighten and straighten your smile. Nothing beats a bright smile. You can look healthier and younger if your teeth look good. If you have any spare savings, invest in quality dental veneers. They will restore your smile and confidence in no time. Read this infographic from Beacon Cove Dental. It shows other procedures that can help straighten and whiten your teeth.

5) Dress well. Dressing well affects the way people – especially women – see you.  Accept your body type. Wear the kind of clothes that best suit you. Have your own personal style, so that you stand out from the crowd.

In short, it really doesn’t take too much effort to improve your appearance. The main points to consider are caring for your hair, having good posture, selecting suitable clothes and if possible, investing in some dental work.  The brightness of your smile has a big impact on your appearance. If you do these things, not only will you feel more confident, others, particularly women, will see you this way too.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 23, 2015

Learn the Different Polo Shirt Fabrics

Polo shirts are essential pieces in a man's wardrobe. They are comfortable and versatile to wear. They are also affordable.

These shirts are sold in different styles and fabrics. Generally, polo shirt fabrics are organic and/or man-made. Cotton is an example of organic fabric while synthetic fiber is an example of man-made fabric.

Cotton And Poly/Cotton – Polo shirts made of pure cotton are soft and comfortable to wear and easy to wash and iron. They are friendly to the wearer's skin during hot days. Even the most sensitive skin would not have problems with it as it absorbs body moisture well.

Polyester – Polyester shirts are resistant to spills and stains. They are also easy to maintain. In fact, they can be worn right away as soon as they get dried after washing. You need not iron them for they are wrinkle free as well.

Jersey – Jersey polo shirts allow your body to move with ease in any direction. This is because jersey is elastic and so your arms would not be limited from extending freely. The down side about these shirts is that they get worn out sooner than the other types. With just one look, you can differentiate jersey polo shirts among others because of the tiny lines the fabric holds.

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Can Men Wear Pink?

Pink has always been associated with girls or girly stuff. During the 1800, gender representation through colors became popular. Pink is for girls; and blue is for boys. This philosophy remained popular until 1950's. Some clothing companies tried to manufacture pink dress shirts for men in the 1900's. Their items did not sell. Moreover, their items simply became a laughing stock among men. Pink clothes for men got truly accepted in the 1980's and 1990's. And up to this  day fashion experts are looking for ways by which men can wear pink in style.

Choose the right shade of pink. The good thing about pink is that it doesn't choose skin tone. You can look good in pink whether you're dark-skinned or light-skinned. Light pink tops are perfect for dark-skinned men who want to look a shade lighter. On the other hand, dark pink tops make light-skinned men glow.

Try pink accessories. This is good especially when you're not yet fully ready to put on solid pink tops. Try a pink necktie or pocket square to match your suit.

Choose pink dress shirts and polo shirts over pink sweaters and t-shirts. You can never go wrong with a pink dress shirt or polo shirt whether you need it for a casual or a formal event. If you wish to wear a pink t-shirt, wear it with khaki pants and under a blue coat.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 9, 2015

Best Shaving Tips for Men

Razor burn usually result from improper way of shaving. There are techniques which you can learn to keep yourself from experiencing so. They are the following.

Wet your beard thoroughly. Facial hair absorbs around 30% moisture. Wet hair is weak; thus; it is easier to cut. To make sure that your beard is totally moist, take a shower before shaving.

Buy quality shaving cream. Quality shaving creams cost more than their cheap counterparts. This is because they contain high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers. These elements result into creamy lather and not a foamy lather. This allows the blade to glide smoothly on your face.

Buy quality razor blade. Quality blades are sharper. Their counterparts - dull blades - are traumatic on the skin. Using them will make your facial skin feel scratchy and look blotchy. Remember that shaving removes two layers of your facial skin. Your face will be less irritated if you use a quality sharp blade.

Shave in the direction of the beard growth. Contrary to popular belief, shaving in the opposite direction of the beard growth is not beneficial. While it can give you a closer shave, it can cause your face to bleed and have razor bumps. Start with the sides; then the mustache area; and then the chin.

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Five Manly Hobbies for the Modern Men

Most men today spend their free time checking social media accounts or watching online videos in their smart phones. They’re no longer interested with manly hobbies that can make their minds and bodies sharp. Do you want to spend your free time meaningfully? Read this short list of manly habits and pick one or two that tackle your interests and skills.

Play the guitar - You need not be a born musician in order to play the guitar. You can be a technical guitar player for the sake of enjoyment or hobby. Women usually find men who play the guitar and who can carry a tune very attractive.

Play chess - According to Benjamin Franklin, playing chess provides valuable qualities of the mind. Learn how to play chess today if you want to improve your abstract reasoning, critical thinking, concentration and problem solving skills. You can use all these mental benefits at work and in life.

Woodworking - Are you known for your impatience? Get into woodworking. Men who has it for a hobby are less prone to stress and are more patient compared to other men when it comes to irritable situations. You can also earn extra from this hobby by selling your wood crafts.

Gardening - Men who want to keep a healthy lifestyle grow their own food within their backyards. Apart from its practical benefits, gardening can improve your emotional, mental and physical health. Gardening allows you think and be more aware of the seasons and the environment. It also allows you to exercise almost all parts of your body. This is a great hobby to pursue especially if you spend 40 hours or so in a cubicle in your workplace where you don’t get enough sunlight and fresh air.

Fishing - Fishing is a popular hobby among men who want to bond with their family and friends while enjoying their free time for recreation. Fishing is a good alternative to hunting especially of you can’t stomach killing a bear or dear just for fun.
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Stylish Clothing for College Men

Are you one of those students who attend class in the pajamas? Yes? Well, now is the time for you to really wake up, smell the coffee and change your wardrobe.

Apart from looking good, dressing well for school has other benefits for college students. Dressing sharp for the day ahead makes any student more alert and confident in completing their tasks. When your mind is framed like this, it will be easier for you to learn and accomplish almost anything.

Dressing properly in class is a form of respect to your professors as well. By presenting a groomed version of yourself to your professors, they get the impression that you took the time to prepare before meeting them. When the time comes that you need a referral from them, you can expect them to remember and choose you over your classmates.

So, how do you upgrade your wardrobe without using up all your allowance? Here are some tips.

Choose polo shirts over t-shirts. Your polo shirts need not be branded or expensive. You can just buy affordable collared shirts in fine solid colors.

Replace your sweatshirts with stylish sweaters. Sweaters can come in cardigan, polo and turtle neck style. Knitted sweaters in polo style can be worn without a shirt under. When choosing cardigan sweaters, go for bright-colored ones which you can pair with printed or solid t-shirts. As for turtle neck sweaters, choose dark-colored ones which can be worn under sports jackets.
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Choose dark-colored jeans over faded varieties. Dark-colored denims can be worn neatly with all kinds of tops for different occasions. Moreover, they don’t look dirty even after you have worn them many times.

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Fashion Tips for Different Kinds of Photo Shoots

Having a photo shoot for any purpose requires your utmost preparation. It's just like preparing for an important occasion in your  life. Here are some guidelines that can help you get started with it.

Mug shots are usually taken for government licenses, passports and other important documents. Photos for these purposes are rather small and just usually show your face, neck and half of your shoulders. There are only three pieces of clothing for you to mind here – dress shirt, necktie and suit jacket. Ensure that they come in the right color combination. Choose a solid color for the dress shirt and the suit jacket. Select a lighter shade for the former and a darker one for the latter. The necktie can either be in solid color or patterned hues.

Casual family portraits usually have the outdoors for a venue. In here, you can wear a signature polo shirt and a pair of dress pants. Perhaps, you do not like the modern cut of dress pants. You can wear skin tone khakis and striped or printed dress shirts. This get up can make you look smarter but not too formal. For a formal family portrait, a tailored suit and dress shoes is the expected attire of males. However, males who are not comfortable with suit jackets can still look formal with their favorite sweater on top of a dress shirt in solid color.

If there is a family portrait, there is definitely a company portrait. What men should wear for this must be aimed at making a man’s professional character to be evident in the photo. A tailored suit in black or charcoal gray with a white dress shirt under would definitely do the trick. If you want variation for your inner wear, you can choose among light colors like baby blue, pink or yellow. Have you ever seen pinstriped suits? They can be worn too – preferably by those aged 50 and above.

How you look like in a picture can dictate the level of respect others ought to give you. More often than not, people make assumptions about a person’s character and background based on how he dresses up. Photos are one of the few things that can capture just that. This should not be a big problem if you know the guidelines on what men should wear for different purposes and events.