Miyerkules, Hulyo 22, 2015

Clothing Tips for New Dads with New Jobs

Did you get yourself a new job? Apart from brushing up your job skills, you must also prepare to look good for your new job. Read the following insights if you're not sure about what work clothes to wear in your new workplace.

How to Dress Up for Working Days

On your first day in the office, come in a well-pressed dress shirt in light solid color and dark colored dress pants. Try to observe what your office-mates wear. As you learn the culture or the dress code in your office, you can aim to dress like them or dress a notch higher than their style but never dress better than your boss. With consideration to your salary, invest on classic pieces which you can mix and match. Rooting for a couple of men’s accessories is also good thing to start with. Offices usually allow dress down clothes on Fridays. Here you can wear a classic polo shirt paired with slightly fit dress pants made of cotton.

How to Dress Up for a Job Promotion

Are you getting interviewed for an opportunity to be promoted? Just like how you prepared for your job interview, you must aim at looking smart and elegant. Perhaps, wearing a suit is inappropriate for this situation. You can sport less casual dress pants and a dress shirt or polo shirt under a black or dark brown jacket. You can do away with the dress shoes and use suede ones instead.

How to Dress Up for Other Events at Work

If ever there are upcoming events in your office, try your best to think ahead. Think about the required and how exactly you want to look like. When you are building your wardrobe, stay away from buying trendy clothes. Stick to classic designs which you can use over and over for different occasions and easily and perfectly pair with other pieces. Moreover, they must be comfortable enough to allow you to work with ease. Here is a rule of thumb when buying work clothes for men. Select pieces that fit you at the moment and not after you shed some pounds. If you doubt whether the clothes you have picked, ask the opinion of the sales agents you see in the store. For your shoes, have a couple of them – a pair of dress shoes and a pair for dress down Friday.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 15, 2015

Five Ways to Communicate Effectively

I personally believe that communicating effectively is fashionable. It's quite difficult to achieve specially when you lack the confidence. Do you share the same dilemma? Here are some techniques for you to observe in order to speak confidently.

Practice the art of listening - Listen twice as much as you speak.  Listen to what other people have to say so that you understand where they’re coming from. By listening, you can be sure of what you're going to say. Hence, your opinions and suggestions will matter.

Ask questions - If something is unclear to you, shoot a question. Asking a question is not just showing inquisitiveness. It gives the impression that you're interested in the person speaking and his words. This enables you build a rapport which is important in effective communication.

Think before you speak. This will keep you from getting into a situation where you wish you didn't say words that can offend your listeners. Hurtful words can push people to turn deaf ears towards you.

Read, read, read. Each one of us has his own expertise. You cannot be an expert on everything but you can be knowledgeable about anything. How? By reading. Yes, read instead of watching TV or playing video games.

Practice, practice, practice. Do you get startled when talking to a lot of people? Don't fret because you're not the only one who feels that way.  If you have an upcoming speaking engagement, be ready with your topic a month ahead and devote your time to practice. Practice speaking infront of your loved ones and ask for some feedback for improvement.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 8, 2015

A Few Thoughts on Foldable Bikes and Looking Good When Biking to Work

Do you bike to work? Is your standard bike providing all the functions you need? Most men who bike to work are now switching from a standard bike to a lightweight folding bike. This is because of the many benefits the latter provides. Read the following points if you want to consider buying another or a better workhorse.

1) Most foldable bikes are lightweight. They can be carried around very easily with maximum comfort. You don't have to worry about aching backs, arms and legs when you need to carry it in certain circumstances.

2. Fordable bikes are versatile. Since they are foldable, they can be parked or kept in a smaller space. You can take it anywhere - in the mall, in the train, under your office desk or inside your locker - once it is folded.

3. Foldable bikes are usually made from sturdy materials. Their features are also designed to surpass daily wear and tear. Of course, you will need to pay more if you want a bike that will last longer under all kinds of weather.

Biking to work will definitely make you look sweaty and not-so-presentable when you reach your office. Here are some tips that will make you fresh-looking before meeting your boss and co-workers.

Pace yourself: More speed means more sweat. Resist the temptation of biking fast on long commutes.

Bring your work clothes: Don't wear your suit when biking; instead, carry it in your bag.

Having grooming tools ready in your office locker: Have a comb and deodorant. These will help you deal with helmet hair and your body odor.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 1, 2015

How Men Should Wear Jewelry

Is it okay for men to wear jewelry? Yes, it is okay. What’s not okay is overdoing it.
Aside from watches, men can choose from a variety of accessories that will suit their personal style. While you are free to adorn yourself in the way you want, it is best to still look neat and decent with your jewelry on.

Mix and match - Make sure that your bracelet choices will match the watch your wearing. Silver watches, for one, can easily blend with any color and texture. As you enjoy mixing and matching, remember not to put on more than three accessories on each of your arms. This is if you don’t want to be the center of attention of everyone.

Don't get experimental with piercings - Are you thinking of sporting an eyebrow ring? Piercings on the face are never cool. If you must pierce, keep it to your earlobes. Earrings that are smaller and not diamond look neat on men.

Invest on a nice watch - So if you're going to make an investment into the world of wristwear, your first big purchase should be something tells time. Use it as the anchor of your wrist-acular adventures. In fact, a nice watch might all you need to accessorize your wrist.

Don’t wear anklets - Most women think that it is cool for their men to wear anklets especially when they’re on the beach. Well, the truth is, it is seriously not nice to see men wearing anklets and toe rings for that matter.

Wear necklaces appropriately - Want to wear a necklace over a T-shirt just like cool guy Gosling? Go ahead, just make sure that it is the right necklace. Anything too short will look like a dog collar. Stay away from something that’s too big or too gold. Buy one that's long, silver, and thin.  Match it with a standard-sized pendant like an interesting artifact.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 24, 2015

Men’s Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Cologne

Your chosen scent should reflect your personality. Hence, you shouldn't pick the first perfume the sales agent suggests. Take the time to check a few selections out before buying one that suits your personality.

Go alone - You are to buy a cologne for yourself and  not to please your wife, girlfriend, friends or co-workers. Go alone so that you can find a scent that you really like and that you're comfortable with.

Well,  I'm not promoting brand. I just got interested in this image. All credits to the owner.

Learn the classifications - Colognes are classified into three groups: citrus, green, and spicy.

Citrus - lemon and tangerine scents; good for men who want a fresh-from-the-shower aroma
Green - scents that are sweeter than citrus
Spicy - also known as leathery; seasoned scents that smell much stronger

Narrow your options - Your daily routine and outfit are two factors to take note when choosing the right cologne for yourself. For a regular day in shirt, jeans and sneakers, a cistrusy cologne would be appropriate. A spicy cologne is best to wear if you're athletic or easygoing. Wear a green cologne if you always dress up in suits.

Don't wear deodorant for the day - Your nose will find it hard to sniff (and select) the scent that you best like. So, skip your deo or your cologne for the day.

Try them on - If you find it hard to choose on the spot from the selections in the department store, ask the sales agent to give you samples which you can take home. Choose at least three colognes. Try one each day. Observe how you smell in each scent for the whole day. Then, decide which cologne suits your lifestyle and grooming needs.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 17, 2015

Find the Perfect Messenger Bag for You with These Tips

Messenger bags are a stylish alternative to the usual briefcase for men. They are a favorite among men (and women) because of their flexibility in design and usability. Selecting  the right messenger bag could be a challenge specifically now that it comes in a variety of features and sizes. Here are some tips that can make the selection process easier for you.

Decide on the bag's purpose - What are the things that you're going to carry in it? Books, clothes, food, laptop or a handful of documents? Your bag's purpose will determine the perfect size, material (leather, nylon or canvass) and design (detailing and internal compartments) for you to choose.

Find a comfortable strap - A comfortable strap is the kind of strap that doesn't rub against the skin and doesn't cut easily. If you will be using your bag daily going  to school or work, choose a variant with a wide and adjustable strap.

Check the pockets and compartments - The bag should have enough sections to hold the things that you'll need to bring with you daily. These include stationery, a mobile phone and a purse. Some messenger bags may have a panel with dedicated slots for pens, and small items. While too many pockets seem practical, you must be aware that it can encourage you to overpacking. So, it is best to choose a bag with standard number of compartments and pockets.

Pick an appropriate style - Are you going to wear your messenger bag to work with your suit? If yes, you'll need one that is made of leather. Canvass or nylon bags are  ideal to use in less formal occasions.

Set a budget - Before making any purchase, know how much money you can spend on a bag. While high priced designer bags may offer good quality, moderately priced messenger bags can be a more practical option specifically if you don't have a big budget.

Martes, Mayo 12, 2015

Four Articles of Clothing Every Equestrian Should Wear

Selecting the right outfit before riding a horse is an important for every equestrian. This is because wearing the right riding gear will both keep you comfortable and help protect you from injury. Your riding apparel need not be expensive. If you take some time and effort, you will find the appropriate items which suit your budget. Below is a list of items which should not be missing from your equestrian attire.

1) Headgear - Safety over fashion must be your primary consideration when choosing the right headgear. Wear only headgear which has been approved. Baseball hats, cowboy hats, derbies and bicycle helmets must not be worn in place of an approved equestrian helmet.  Approved equestrian helmets usually cost $60 and up. This is quite a bargain compared to the expense you might incur if you suffer a head injury.

2) Shirt - A T-shirt or sweatshirt that fits you perfectly - not too loose and not too tight - will be enough if you're not performing on a horse show. Choose a bright-colored shirt if you're going on a trail. Should you get lost, it will be easier for rescuers to track you in a highly-visible shirt. You can wear a vest or winter coats over your shirt when the weather gets cooler while you're riding. Most riders choose vests over coats because they don't restrict arm and shoulder movements.

3) Pants - Riding tights are usually made from two-way stretch fabrics. They are  designed with leather knee and seat patches to provide more grip. During cooler months, you can wear winter riding pants which are made from fleecey material for warmth.

4) Footwear - For safety purposes, next to an equestrian helmet, an excellent pair of boots for horse riding is the most important article of clothing when horse riding. There are many different styles of boots. Choose whatever is comfortable and suitable for your type of riding. Make sure that your choice of boots gives full support to your ankles.

Do you want to know what kind of boots can keep you comfortable and safe while horseback riding? Read this detailed infographic from Horseland.